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I just got back from Gwan-ak-san. There was only four of us but it was a lovely day, beautiful skies, a chilly air, very crisp. We held a little ceremony at the mountain spirit shrine in Ja-woon Am. We made offerings of tea and incense and a (semi-)shaman friend of mine performed the prayers in English and then the chants in Korean. It was nice. We then made it over to Namaste - the best sub-Continent food in Seoul - and rose a toast to our 'elevated grandfathers'. All in all, a more humble day than what was originally planned, but sincere and quiet. Whatever karma prevented the seminar provided a remarkable day none the less.

A podcast discussion would be cool. I would have to have a look at the setup and everything to get familiar first. Just let me know when anyone would like to meet up and let's take it from there.
Talk soon.

- Shawn
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