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Meet and Greet

Hi y'all.

So back in the day (say 2005) we started Meet and Greets where foreign climbers could meet up, newbies could learn (from oldbies) and we had a great time. Over the years, it ended up being 80+(?) people, and divisions broke out in the foreign climbing community, and well, Korean climbing lost that "spark".

Anyway, I ended up taking a break from the usual suspects, and then took up biking. . . but hey! one of my old, favorite climbing partners is back, and with a beautiful fall ahead, maybe it's time to join together and hold a Meet and Greet and just have fun!

Who is interested? What's your schedule and where do you live? Do you have a car or public transport? What do you climb?

In general, we held Meet and Greets at Ganhyeon and Seonunsan alternately-- as they both had so many climbs of varying levels and camping/various accommodations.

Anyway, post if you are interested!
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