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sorry, just read the part about no friends who can go climbing all day so you may boulder instead. this makes it sound like you're going on your own. it's possible in a few areas, but many of the areas have bad landings or are highball. concentrations of easy problems are also hard to find. Things tend to get more interesting at the V5 and up range, but there are a few exceptions to that.

your best bet is find rock close to you. there is no excuse for not finding bouldering in this country. the people in the gyms here have serious blinders on if they don't know of any boulders. you would have to be mildly retarded not to find any. just check google earth or even better, Daum maps, and do a bit of hiking. There is probably something within an hour of where you live. i'm sure the best places have yet to be discovered.

depending on what part of the country you live in. the bouldering is usually better than the lame manufactured sport climbing here. there is also a lot of trad. tons of unopened lines exist for those who possess a deep hatred of crowds and people, but a genuine appreciation for rock.
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