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Originally Posted by skinsk
I went solo trekking in the Khumbu and Annapurna regions in 2001 after 9/11, the royal massacre and the initial Moaist uprising (the new king declared the first state of emergency at the time) and I never felt threatened or unsafe from the local population. I stayed with family friends (locals) in Kathmandu and they never worried about me.

In the Khumbu I did see a helicopter evac from Kala Pata after rockfall injured a woman from Utah, and heard another story of a man with altitude sickness who fell in a river. Thus, when going off the beaten path, such as to Everest/Pumori base camp or Kala Patar, I teamed up with 2 other solo travelers "just in case". (I did Muctinath? Pass alone, though, with some snow.) Not sure how much things have changed since then, but it was a wonderful experience, and I can see what lured Aubrey there. I hope she is found, and her family has some peace.

Yep, I've visited all those places, too, a couple of them a few times, and I've had brilliant experiences. I did twice have trying experiences with an AMS inflicted friend though - scarey, I tell ya. But, of course, that's the deal handed by the climate and atmosphere, not the locals or culture, and it was something I'm also prepared for when in the Himalaya.

I believe you mean Muktinath, Sonia. Also, do you mean Thorong La (I don't think there's a Muktinath pass)? I was knee deep in snow going over that bad boy. Man, was it windy and cold on the day I went over. Beauty.

I was also in Nepal at the height of the civil war, and met on many occasions Maoists. They were all nice enough, and in fact I never paid a single rupee to their cause. I and my Nepali friend (more than a friend, a "mountain brother", to be cheesy), Dom, talked our way through them. No problems. In fact, the stats support that trekking through the Nepal Himalaya has always been safe from a social point of view.

Some may like to note that the Royal Asiatic Society is having a tour to Nepal and Tibet during Chuseok. Info is on their site:

Anyway, I hope Aubrey is found.
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