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Langtang valley along with all the high valleys are dangerous. In fact just about everywhere in mainland asia is dangerous just for the fact that there isn't a lot of respect for the value of life. I witnessed my first Nepali die after being stuck by a bus 5 minutes out of Tribuvan airport. Nobody stopped to help her. Shortly after I left Langtang, a cyclone came up through Bangladesh and the high valleys in central Nepal were socked in with 3 meters of snow, in October. Pilgrims going up to Goisand Lakes were trapped in the high passes, hundreds died. Westerners were evac'd by those rickety choppers, but not all. I really love the scenery of Nepal, and I recommend it to anyone with strong intestinal fortitude and a strong sense of self preservation, but dont be that ignorant fool I saw hiking Langtang by herself. There's bad dudes in the villages on the trail. They're hungry, desperate, and love to drink.
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