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Dude, that's the guidebook thread!! But I wouldn't go to press without your submission. Otherwise, i have to do a whole leave no trace . . . don't trash section myself (of course I work it in along the way. . .)

I want a lot of voices and ideas and memories etc represented in the book-- all of them, actually. Yours, obviously. . . and I have one idea of how you can help in the video.

Initiatives is something I feel I can bring to the trade show and push as something I'm involved in and feel strongly about. But stewardship is something many climbing brands want to push. . . and sponsor and be involved with:-) If you can provide me with some basic info (Korean and English) I will be meeting several Korean as well as American suppliers and various companies. You are passionate! You are doing an amazing job! I totally have to meet with you and pick your brain before I leave!! I have some historical and legend questions and I need you to point me to the scholars and folks to get the beta and write the pieces. I might ask you for an interview or two.
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