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I've done loads of these types of videos in the past, including wedding videos and others. I can churn them out pretty quickly with Vegas Video and some other software. If you want something exceptional and HD quality, then it will take a bit more time, but just editing cutting, modifying/adding audio streems, transistions, text is fairly simple stuff these days. Most of the time is getting videos and photos formatted properly, so they can be threaded to gether as one stream.

Now as for narration, I've done a few elearnings in my old job and I can tell you with 100% guarantee, unless you use a microphone (30-50,000W), the quality of the narration will be terrible. You can generally throw a blanket or comforter over your head to get the type of acoustics you need for this type of video. If you were selling it or doing something professional for business or web distrubution, you might want something more technical. But I've used sheets and blankets on walls and over my head and it always sounds quite good!

I can chat with Matt in Daejeon who has quite a bit of experience as well. If you need a hand, give me a call and let me know when you need it done by. I leave June 23rd to go to India, but I'll be back July 24th. It shouldn't take too long to do, so if you can organize all of the content, I can have it ready for you by the time you leave for Salt Lake City. Also, Facebook allows you to post videos for EVERYONE, up to a Gig. so They can be quite large and it's a great venue for putting up pristine video (youtube modifies quality) as long as it's compressed before.

Let me know what your time frame is, pm me offline if you want to try and put something together for ya
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