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Missing Trekker in Nepal

From Explorer's Web:

Alert: Trekker Aubrey Sacco missing in Nepal

American Aubrey Sacco, 23, is missing after a solo, week-long trek in the region of Langtang, Nepal. Aubrey began her trek on April 20 and was scheduled to return on or around April 30, but her family has not heard from her since her check-in at Dhunche on April 20

Here's more info, including photos:

If anyone has any connections in Nepal, especially in the Langtang region (closest villages to the valley head are Syabru Bensi and Dhunche) see if they're aware of Ms Sacco's disappearance and see if they have any information regarding her whereabouts or when she was last seen. If you do somehow hear anything about her but have no contact in Nepal, feel free to contact me with the info and I can pass it along to my own contacts in Syabru Bensi and Kathmandu.

I've been in the Langtang region, and while amazing and stunning, it is prone to accidents, particularly landslides and severe flooding. Acute Mountain Sickness is very common since the altitude gain up the valley is very quick. I spent two weeks there the last time I was in the Himalaya and in that time I met two seriously sick people with AMS and one man who had fallen and broke his leg (he was airlifted out). This was in February when there is hardly anyone around (including the three aforementioned trekkers, I only met three others) and most bhattis (tea shops) are closed; Ms Sacco disappeared in April, during peak season, evidence that caution is always the order of the day.

Note that I don't know Ms Sacco, but I think it is our honest responsibility as mountaineers to try to take care of our own, even if we have no idea who they are. If I was lost or injured in the mountains, I would surely like for people to be spreading the word in order to help me get back to my family and friends.
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