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KOTR's 1st Official "Initiative."

Yeongseo Pokpo, May 21st-May 23rd, will launch KOTR's "Initiatives" program. Dates are set and project list completed. We're sorry, but we are not asking for any further volunteers for this Initiative, read below for a complete explanation.

Weekend Projects:
  1. Rebolting and Replacement of the worst anchors and bolts.
  2. English Menus for the Minbak Owner
  3. Crag Cleanup Day
  4. Trail and Belay Station Improvements
  5. Possibly a variety of other smaller projects. Details will be listed in Trip report.

Ongoing LongTerm Projects:
  1. Rebolting and Replacement of all necessary anchors and bolts
  2. Installation of Environmentally friendly Toilet
  3. Installation of Trash Bins for proper removal of waste


Each season, we will launch a small to large size KOTR sponsored "Initiative" around the Korean peninsula. This "Initiatives" program is a current work in progress for KOTR, but with the support of all of our members, friends and community, I don't believe it will be in this stage for very long.

The first step was to pick a location. We chose Yeongseo Pokpo for a variety of reasons. The crag itself is quite scenic and the climbing is considered by most a "destination crag," here in Korea. Yet, there are a few issues, ranging from small to large and short to long term projects. This site also provided us an opportunity to quickly organize a project in a joint effort with the local climbing club. If you'd like more specifics, please feel free to reply with questions.

Now, as for the Initiative...due to the size of the crag and the amount of people involved, already, we are NOT asking for any further volunteers. We are also asking that if you haven't made plans yet for that weekend, please select somewhere other then Yeongseo Pokpo. This is not an EXCLUSIVE club or something we will do regularly, but because this weekend involves rebolting...the climbing may be sparse at times, as well as quite dangerous. We are also doing a bit of work on the belay stations and possibly the trails, so if we have loads of tents and loads of people climbing, we will just be in each other's way. But, please feel free to make plans for the following weekend and let us know what you think of the changes.

We will be asking for donations, though. Currently, Alec has purchased all of the chains, bolts and hardware himself. It's quite a chunk of change. KOTR will be helping with the rebolting, as well as working on a variety of other issues (read more in the Initiatives section of the forums.) But, we'd also like to take care of the financial part of this I have listed our temporary Bank Account Information. We will accept any size donation. All donations will be listed in this thread. Please follow the directions below for making a donation.

Thank you, in advance, for everyone who is helping making this Initiatives Program a success, whether its swinging a hammer, translating menus or making a all makes a difference.


Please transfer money to the following Account

Bank Name: KEB
Account Number: 620 187059 005
Please add your name or ANONYMOUS to the CMS field, so we know how to list your donation.

All donations will be accepted and listed on this thread for a temporary record, until the paperwork for our Permanent Account is complete.

We promise to account for every won donated and spent. If you do not feel comfortable making donations, would rather volunteer or simply want to give it in person, please feel free to reply or send me a private message directly and I'll do my best to resolve your issue.

Thank you, everyone.
Bryan Hylenski
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