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Originally Posted by Park, Cheolyoung
well, since I don't have enough experience, not sure about rating.

There's one line in busan, busan crew think it was hard, However, the other

came and sent it. And summarizing people's opinion, it wasn't that hard. well, still not easy.. So, I can't rate it by myself. need some other's opinion.

I hope someone will rate it later. I guess v3 range. maybe more and less.

Language older than words? I thought we decided on V4, that's still 5.12...

Seokcho seems to run the full range from V0ish to Vhard. There seems to be a lot in the 3-4 range. That crack line is going to eat people alive, plus there is that burly overhang by the bridge... oh, I can't wait to go back.

I think we could call that line in the vid V4, but it needs to see more sends.
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