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Sorry guys, taking the summer off to recover has also meant that I haven't been very active on here. I have **** tons of great pics from this amazing area, but I think someone else should do the area description and add it to the bouldering areas for two reasons...

1. I've added an insane number of new bouldering areas and feel like I'm stealing the glory.
2. Even though I know how to get there, I'm not that familiar with Seokcho and couldn't tell others how to get there.

The rock is amazing. I'll try to get get a crew together in Seoul now that I live here, and Cheolyoung can bring the Busan crew to form a super crew sometime soon if anyone wants in on the action.

Cheolyoung and I went back last week and we really feel like this place will be one of the best, and not just because it's beautiful and pristine. The problems there are quality. Not to mention some of the best swimming holes I've seen in Korea are up in the park. Not that we were swimming there, that would be illegal. If anyone wants to spend a weekend searching (not climbing) I would be more than willing to check other valleys for potential. So far we've only looked at one main river valley. Unless Greg has checked other areas.
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