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as usual, very good points, punchy!

i just wanted to share an anecdote about something that happened just yesterday that relates to that a bit.

a group of us were bouldering in the rbs, and a couple of the superstars in the group (we're not worthy! ) were trying this amazing, aesthetic, super-cool proj while the rest of us were just sitting around watching, cheering, spotting, etc... while i really admired these folks, there was no way that i was getting on that thing! so high! so hard!

then, one of our lovely and gung-ho group members who'd been chilling with us on the ground up until to this point decided to jump on and give it a go. i admired his bravery, but thought, he's way over his head. but actually, he did really well on it, prompting all the rest of us, who are a similar level of ability, to give it a go as well. in the end, one of our group sent the proj, two got SUPER close and the rest of us felt great for having jumped on a beautiful line and having given it a go.

anyway, i don't know why i wasn't going to try it before my friend did...self-limiting thoughts? ego? fear of death by plummeting 3m onto thick, cushy bouldering pads? either way...i am very thankful that i tried the line, even if i couldn't finish it, for my friends who supported me by encouraging me and catching me when i fell (well - mostly ) and especially for the brave Han-su, who showed me that the coolest thing is to just go for it and have fun, even if you can't do it. that can totally be what it's all about!..
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