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Originally Posted by punchy
to chris and sonia, i think the comment about an increase in age leading to an increase in fear is unfounded. ........

chris, your comments were very telling. it seems you've already developed a method for dealing with your fear. the ability to push fear aside and concentrate on the task at hand is extremely useful. just be careful not to disregard the fear altogether ...............

I'm guessing Chris is me??? anyway, actually I didn't mean an increase in fear with age, rather lower fitness, fatter, slower, less active etc etc due to progressing age and lack of training.

Yeah iguess I already do most of what you talked about with regard to fear. But I often disregard my fear, but still realise it's there. But I am still watching what will happen if a fall occurs, ie. where i will land, swing etc.

anyway next person's turn.
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