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Why I climb.

Growing up I always participated in outdoor sports, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding. I guess becoming interested in rock climbing was kind of inevitable. But the reason I fell in love with climbing was because, when I first started bouldering at a gym in Canada, I'd encounter problems that really seemed impossible...I thought "surely I'm just too short to reach that hold, it can't be's impossible". And I truly felt that way...but to my surprise, I found that if I just approached the problem differently, changed my foot position or whatever, I could solve it. That idea really transpired to the rest of my life. And I realized that, any problem can be solved, but you just have to figure out the right way to go about it. Unfortunately, with regard to climbing, I'm really terrible at problem solving and course finding, but trying hard to develop that skill. Climbing for like doing the impossible. Climbing has helped me to develop more confidence, determination, and assertiveness in my general life. Maybe I'm addicted to climbing the same way people are addicted to those little metal loop puzzles. Y'know what I mean, like you have to free a ring from another ring. It's seems totally undoable, and then like magic, you do it....That's it!..climbing is like magic.

My biggest weakness with regard to climbing is fear. Actually...I never fall hard, because I never put myself out for that risk. I know I can't get better at climbing until I let go of the fear. That is something I have to work on in all aspect of my life actually. Also, I feel like I wimp out too easily. I just can't push myself hard enough. I never feel like I try hard enough. I know I'm capable of so much more than I'm doing now, but I'm just...too lazy I get it.

So, Punchy...write on...Inspire me. I wanna be a Samurai.
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