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skinsk 09-23-2016 12:16 AM

Meet and Greet
Hi y'all.

So back in the day (say 2005) we started Meet and Greets where foreign climbers could meet up, newbies could learn (from oldbies) and we had a great time. Over the years, it ended up being 80+(?) people, and divisions broke out in the foreign climbing community, and well, Korean climbing lost that "spark".

Anyway, I ended up taking a break from the usual suspects, and then took up biking. . . but hey! one of my old, favorite climbing partners is back, and with a beautiful fall ahead, maybe it's time to join together and hold a Meet and Greet and just have fun!

Who is interested? What's your schedule and where do you live? Do you have a car or public transport? What do you climb?

In general, we held Meet and Greets at Ganhyeon and Seonunsan alternately-- as they both had so many climbs of varying levels and camping/various accommodations.

Anyway, post if you are interested!

selenemarina 09-23-2016 02:01 PM

Hello! I just got to Korea and I am extremely interested in going on outdoor trips and getting to know the climbing community here.

I live in Wonju, Kangwondo and I am free all mornings until 2pm and completely open on Saturdays and Sundays. I climb mid-10s and I brought all of my gear from home (I even have a few extra ATCs, etc.)

Ganhyeon looks like an awesome spot that I wanna check out as soon as I find a partner so that would work for me!


skinsk 09-23-2016 05:54 PM

Could you do a scouting trip to Ganhyeon and see if they have reopened the camp-grounds? That would definitely make it more do-able.

matt35 09-23-2016 05:58 PM

I was wondering if there was going to be one. I wasn't expecting this site to have fallen off as much as it has. I guess I just got here at the high a few years ago. I was really hoping that the reelrock tour was going to have a stop here this year.

selenemarina 09-24-2016 04:09 PM

I just spoke with someone that said that she recently looked on the Gahnyeon website and they have indeed re-opened the campgrounds.

I am available on Saturdays and Sundays if you want to begin thinking about a date to meet and greet :)

hnikbloom 09-26-2016 04:09 PM


I went to one of these Meet and Greet events about six years ago and I am surprised they haven't continued since they were a blast. I'm back in Korea temporarily and so excited to see it might happen again! I don't know anyone in the climbing community anymore, but I hope to find some people to climb with on the weekends. I live in Gangnam which means I need to escape the city as much as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing some dates and locations posted.

- Heidi

Blomberg 09-26-2016 10:30 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm in Korea for a short time and brought some climbing gear with me. Is anyone up for sport/top rope climbing the weekend 1-2nd of october?


abitofsunny 09-26-2016 11:36 PM

I would love to do some outdoor climbing! I live in Seoul and don't have a car, so mostly been bounding indoors. As a result I don't have any draws or rope, but have shoes, harness, and a crash pad. Day trips on weekends are doable for me, so I'll keep checking the forum~

tking 09-28-2016 11:52 AM

I'm in Korea until the 3rd of October.
Have harness & shoes with me... keen to meet up with some climbers.
I'll beoving between Daejeon & Seoul while I'm here.

Blomberg 09-28-2016 01:00 PM

Hi tking,

I'm also o Daejeon at the moment and I'm planming to go to the Daejeon outdoor climbing wall and possibly meet some climbers. You could join me if you want to!

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