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Josh Thrash 09-16-2018 08:16 AM

Weekdays at Insubong/Seoul Area
Hi, I'm in Seoul for work for the next month or so. Hoping to find people to climb outside with in or around Seoul for day-trips.
The good: I have a positive attitude, a safe climbing approach, a single rack to #4, and a 70m rope
The bad: I am new to the area, speak very little Korean, and do not have a car
I'm mostly available weekdays, starting this Monday and Tuesday. My favorite stuff to climb is moderate multi-pitch trad, but excited to try almost anything!


Swodell1 10-12-2018 04:54 PM

Hey Josh, I'm available to climb Insubong/Seoul area as well. I might be free this Sunday (tentative partner plans), but definitely free on Tuesday as well as next Sat-Sun. Let me know if you're keen to link up. I'll have my rope/rack/draws and everything needed.

dgbryan 11-07-2018 09:49 AM

Friday 16 Nov
Gents - either of you still about & keen to get out on Friday 16 Nov, weather permitting?
I'm only in Seoul for a few days with two of them free, so very keen to do some climbing if possible!

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