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DavidPowell 09-21-2012 11:10 PM

November 4th - 11th: I'm up for anywhere!
Hey all,

So I have a break from November 4th to 11th. I'll be in Seoul on the 3rd for a wedding, so the 4th might be a bit hangovery. But after that, I'm up for climbing anywhere on the mainland if there are people to go out with. As long as I can get there by bus or train, I'll come! I've only ever climbed sport and bouldered, can lead 5.10b/c and am pretty much down for anything that's not ice climbing.

I have a 60m rope, 11 draws, and various carabiners and slings for building anchors. Oh, and a slackline!

Any takers?

skinsk 09-25-2012 09:31 PM

David, of course you are welcome to join, though I haven't planned that far out. You're also welcome to stay here in Suncheon mid-week if you want . . . or borrow the bike and a map. There are 2 of us here with Fri off, and I have Mon off, so maybe a little trip.

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