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Korea Maritime University Submitted on June 19th, 2005 by curious_j Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Busan
Park: n/a Rating: 5.7 - 5.10 Style: Sport
Views: 8715 Photos: 14 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images

NOTE: I haven't climbed on the "island" since 2001, so someone should check it out and edit this posting. Sorry this info is incomplete, but I wanted to get the place listed. FYI.

TYPE OF CLIMBING: Mostly face climbing. One overhang & one crack/dihydral, but both are kind of a joke.

SAFETY: Anchors and bolts seemed safe in 2001.

ROUTES: 5.7 - 5.10 is my memory, but this could be off.

Go to Korea Maritime University and head for the beach (near buildings 13 and 14 on the campus web-map -> www.kmaritime.ac.kr/kmu_e/campus.htm). Cirle the island counterclockwise until you come to the obvious cliff. Climb said cliff or keep circling the island for more routes.

Safety Concerns
Walking into the area is a little sketchy with packs, but it isn't too bad. We always had the wall to ourselves, even on the weekends.

Gear to Bring
Regular gear for sport climbing. Long webbing will help set up some top-rope routes for beginners.

Additional Comments
Have fun & be safe. Peace.

Comment added by mp31bravo on August 7th, 2005
I went looking for it. I should have looked at the campus website map. I'll check it out next time. Fishermen have trashed the once beautiful coast. You would think they would pick up after themselves!

Comment added by mp31bravo on September 19th, 2005
Tried going today, the day after Chuseok. For some reason, the whole island was off-limits. I was finally able to get the university map to come up on my computer so I have a good idea on how to get there now.

Comment added by mp31bravo on October 2nd, 2005

Everything in this posting is the same. I'm a beginner, so I'm not sure if the bolts are still safe, as they appear to be weathered/rusting a bit. I did yank on a very low bolt and it was still cemented in the rock pretty good. As far as I can tell, only one route is bolted. However, there are nice cracks in the wall that you can use cams or other passive protection. This is a great place to practice leading I think. See my new two pictures to get a better idea. Note my bored finace` in the background.....

Comment added by Mandalynn on July 9th, 2007
The area is very dangerous right now. There's run out on alot of the routes and the top anchors are really rusty. We even found the remains of a rusty bolt that had broken off. If you are climbing in Busan, go to An Nam park or to Dae Ryuk Bong. Don't press your luck climbing here.

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