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Sirubong (Cheontaesan) Submitted on May 6th, 2008 by skinsk Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Miryang
Park: n/a Rating: 5.9 - 5.13 Style: Sport
Views: 6621 Photos: 6 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 4 Image(s) - Add Images

Slab, vertical, overhanging with lots of cracks, pockets and bulges-- routes range from 13 to 40 meters, and are generally well-bolted and quite interesting.

It's quite the walk (1.5 hours) from Samnangjin Station, just south of Miryang and not-too-far north of Busan, but it's a pleasant walk, and a taxi ride/car would shave half an hour from the approach. From the station, head right (east) and follow the road until you see it branch off under the train tracks. Go under the tracks and follow the road around and right-- you can actually see Sirubong in the distance. On your left, you'll see a monument in the hills dedicated to the area's resiistance fighter during the colonial period. Keep going until you see a staircase leading to a trail. At the top of the trail, the stairs goes straight. The trail goes through the woods, over bridges made from trees, around overlooking the river on concrete
walls. . . but it stays pretty definable, until at last, you are at Sirubong. The easier rocks are the first ones to your right. . . keep going around the corner to the overhanging face. the base has nice picnic areas, and if you keep going around, past the steep climbs to more easier climbs (10s). . . a stairs and fixed rope trail leads to a small alter (with a donation box) on top. 360 degree views and opportunity to set top-ropes (or top out) complete this breathtaking area with some worthy routes-- 26? in all!

Safety Concerns
The anchors and bolts looked pretty solid and well-maintained, though some of the routes were a bit dirty, especially on the SE face.

Gear to Bring
15 draws and 2 ropes would be best-- though it's quite the haul in. On some of the longer routes you could top out and walk off.

Additional Comments
Nothing for a long ways, except shade and great views! The routes wrap around the outcropping, so some are in the shade while others get sun. . .

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