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Hexa Wall Submitted on November 14th, 2006 by skinsk Print
Type: Gyms Province: Gyeonggi-Do City: Seoul
Phone: 02)2265-1990 011-787-5283 URL: Visit Gym's Homepage Address: Jung-gu, Mukjeong-dong 24-19
Views: 9123 Photos: 4 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images

This place has been around since the late 1990s-- but a great, friendly place to work out with all levels welcomed.

Open 2:00-10:00.

W60,000 a month.

It's between Donggak (exit 2/3) and Chungmuro (exit 6) Stations. Head fot the Sofitel, and turn left before/right after the Sofitel, respectively. (You'll walk between the hotel and a parking garage, towards Samsung Cheil Hospital, as a sign will point out. Walk 2 blocks, pass a Family Mart (on your left) about 1/2 way, then turn left and keep walking. It's on your right, just as another sign indicated the hospital is 50 meters. It's in the basement below Haengbok Pharmacy.

Comment added by Murdog83 on March 17th, 2009
I feel it necessary to explain the directions a bit clearer since I had a lot of trouble following them.

I exited at Dongguk University stop out of Exit 2 (I think). The large gymnasium was diagonally situated across the street from me (i.e., kitty-corner). From here you need to pull a 180 when you come up the stairs so that you're facing the intersection. Take a right turn at the intersection right in front of you. Note: If a right turn means crossing the road, then go back into the tunnel and come out on the other side of the road from that exit. From here walk down the sidewalk and it should more or less curve towards the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel (or whatever it's called) after a few blocks. Walk between the hotel and the car park as mentioned. You will see a road branching off to your right that heads down hill (it's quite steep, so you can't miss it, it's the first right after the hotel). Walk down this street until you come to the Family Mart. Take a left at the Family Mart and walk to the end of the block. The gym is on the right hand side of the street, at the end, right next to the pharmacy as noted. Hope this helps.

Friendly climbers. Most spoke a little English, some spoke quite a bit. All the problems were at least 25 moves long (seems to be common in Korean gyms).

Comment added by Murdog83 on March 17th, 2009
Day passes are 10, 000 Won

Comment added by rayadoman on June 2nd, 2011
This gym no longer exists. There is a fabric store in it's place.

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