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Pyeongtaek Climbing Center Submitted on November 15th, 2005 by Shagymb Print
Type: Gyms Province: Gyeonggi-Do City: Pyeongtaek
Phone: 818-3031)656-2744. 016)555-2744 URL: Visit Gym's Homepage Address: Pyeongtaek, Bijeon-2 dong
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Med Size Friendly Bouldering Gym

Owned by a Husband and Wife Duo they are both really nice and very strong climbers

They are always willing to pick up a stick and point to the routes for you

Hours are from 3-11pm M-F

60$ / Month they have discounts for more then one month

They did not charge me the first time I went in but they did with a guy that I brought in so who knows...
They do have equipment four sale and use not sure about when they expect you to get your own stuff
The owners do not speak alot of english but there are a few of the climbers that do
The gym is fairly new it used to be in Songtan near the Airforce Base
There are three main walls going from vertical to fortyfive degree angle. There is a area in the middle with three smaller walls

Something for everyone

They have campus boards and other trianing equipment
It was kind of chilly in the winter so dress in layers There is a changing room so you can bring cloths to change into

From Camp Humphreys Head to Pyeongtaek like you were going to the train station once you get to the Y after the bridge instead of going left to go to the Train Station go to the right you will pass through a light and go over a big bridge that is over the train tracks at the next light turn left go through 4 stop lights and at the fifth light turn right then take the first "road" or alley to the left. The gym is in the first building on the left in the basement. There is a sign above it and pictures of climbers in the stair well leading to the entrance.

Take Bus #20 from either in front of CP Humphreys or the Train Station, 5 stops (The bus may not stop at every stop if there is no one there so look for a Motor Cycle shop on the Right side of the road the stop after that store is the one to get off at the next stop) past the Pyeongtaek train station get off and walk to the stop light at the corner follow this road up 3 stop lights at the fourth on turn light turn right accross the street. On one corner is a Family Mart if you stand with the Family Mart at your back on your left will be a large rounded building with alot of Glass on the other corner is some kind of bedding store the police station is next to this store, the Building diaginal from the Family Mart has a bike shop in it and that is the same building that the gym is in. The gym is in the first building on the left in the basement. There is a sign above it and pictures of climbers in the stair well leading to the entrance.

From Camp Humphreys Take Bus 20 to the Pyeongtaek Train Station hop in a cab and tell him to take you to Bision yi-dong pachulso Ap. This will get you to a Police Station cross the street from the first road/alley from the stop light, go in 50 feet and on the left side is the entrance to the gym go down to the basement and you are there.

Comment added by skinsk on December 6th, 2005
Pyeongtaek, Bijeon-2 dong 818-3
031)656-2744. 016)555-2744


Comment added by climb.or.marc on October 25th, 2017
New facility is very nice, in a high rise building. The pictures are old but it is still a bouldering gym.

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