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Keundeom Bawi 큰덤바위
Submitted on May 26th, 2008 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Uiryeong   
 photo The latest (but not greatest) crag from Rock Party gym in Busan. It's not far from the other climbing in Sinban-ri, Burin -myeon (Byeong-pung and Haegol Bawis).... [Read More]

Kokkiri Bawi
Submitted on November 13th, 2005 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollanam-Do    City: Mokpo   
 photo Sedimentary conglomerate, slab to vertical, with some overhanging starts toward the left. One thin crack (11 c) on an otherwise pebbly face with small often not-super positive holds. Most of the routes have 1-2-3 finger pockets here and there. There's one good edge (10a) and a few nice heucos (one you can sit in!), one huge niche with a route that climbs out the side of it (11c) and several 10s and 11s with overhanging sequency starts. Good face climbing pretty unique for Korea that will test your balance, creativity and footwork without leavin... [Read More]

Korea Maritime University
Submitted on June 19th, 2005 by curious_j Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Busan   
 photo NOTE: I haven't climbed on the "island" since 2001, so someone should check it out and edit this posting. Sorry this info is incomplete, but I wanted to get the place listed. FYI.

TYPE OF CLIMBING: Mostly face climbing. One overhang & one crack/dihydral, but both are kind of a joke.

SAFETY: Anchors and bolts seemed safe in 2001.

ROUTES: 5.7 - 5.10 is my memory, but this could be off.... [Read More]

Submitted on September 26th, 2005 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Seoul   
 photo Short (8-12m) granite face climbs, slabs, and bolted cracks with small roofs, bulges! All 15 routes can be toproped with an easy scramble around left. Anchors are easily accessible from the top, though a few are further back, and the wires/rusted hooks on top are suspect. Bring a few long slings for toproping; scramble up to retrieve them!... [Read More]

Submitted on April 18th, 2004 by Eric Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollabuk-Do    City: Jeonju   
 photo Conglomerate is the only way to describe this face. Mostly baseball size stones to microwave size stones stuck together by some glue. Most of the climbs are super juggy, similar to large holds you might find on a beginner wall at a climbing gym. A few of the harder routes have the big holds but they are sloppy and smooth. The bolts look good but a few of the anchors could be replaced. A 60 meter rope is recommended but not completely necessary. At least a dozen quickdraws. The climbs are really well protected and I don't think it would be... [Read More]

Maisan / Yisan Myo
Submitted on June 5th, 2005 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollabuk-Do    City: Jeonju   
 photo As of 05/2010 all of Maisan Provincial Park has been declared by county officials as "off limits" to climbing. Clubs removed anchors and bolts at Opera House and the annex; as of today, gear was still at Albawi. Park officials told us and discussed the closures, noting that Yisan Myo was closed as well ("proximity to temples"). Walking in with gear and helmets obvious tipped us off. The office was prepared with info on other areas you could go climbing near-by.

I'm guessing at the grades, but they were easy. This would be a good pl... [Read More]

Mangjubong (Seonyu Island)
Submitted on December 8th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollabuk-Do    City: Gunsan   
 photo Seonyu-do is an island 50 km from Gunsan, located at the center of the 20 islands of the Gogunsan Archipelago. Mangjubong is the prominent rock-mountain that juts out at the end of the main beach. It's made of granite of varying quality (some of it quite friable).

Of all the rock on the island(s), the only bolts we saw were these 2 routes on Mangjubong, which a couple of KOTRers had found previously.

UPDATE: I discovered these were put in quite a while ago (maybe 80s? but definitely at least 90s) by the Jeonju Climbing Center. . . an 11b ... [Read More]

Mi-Reuk-Jang-Goon Bong
Submitted on June 8th, 2006 by punchy Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Sokcho   
 photo rock type: granite

style: crack, face, slab, overhang

excellent rock quality. solid granite. nice cracks with room for bomber pro. beautiful golden slabs, bolted for your pleasure.

bomber bolted belay stations with some bolts for protection on the south wall plus lots of places for natural pro.

the north wall is not as tall, but boasts some nice sport pitches right over a stream. bolts and anchors are solid.... [Read More]

Moo Myeong Ridge
Submitted on March 16th, 2009 by yandy Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Busan   
 photo This was described by the Busan Climbing club as the beginner's guide to Multi-pitch climbing. It's basically a big buttress of granite, sticking out the East side of the Geum Jeong San ridge above Nam San Dong.

It starts just behind Moo Myeong Temple, with a fairly easy slab (made more difficult by bit of ice during the winter and early Spring.) There's then potential for about 6 or 7 pitches up to the top, depending on your route. You could probably scramble up a lot of it, and there are a lot of places to drop out. There's also the perfec... [Read More]

Muchek Mountain
Submitted on May 28th, 2004 by fatmarley Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Gimhae   
 photo The climbing here is short and easy for the most part. The basic climbing rate would be aroun a 5.9. There is an area that has a nice overhang with some 5.13 to 5.14. The holes are all anchored and the bolts are stong, but this is a high traffic area and sometimes people are walking below. Careful with your ropes.... [Read More]

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