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Flowerpeak Mountain (꽃봉산)
Submitted on December 8th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Sancheong   
 photo Granite rock in the center of town. Half dozen vertical routes, about 10-12 meters. I am guessing at grades-- I've only tried the routes on the left, which are rather featureless, even when you get to what appear to be features. We thought the routes right looked easier, but it was getting late. . . and in any event, they didn't look super easy, so there may not be a 5.9?... [Read More]

Gangcheonsan-- Byeongpung Bawi
Submitted on May 14th, 2007 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollabuk-Do    City: Gwangju   
 photo Korea's first county park, Gangcheonsan County Park boasts an awful lot of rock! Unfortunately, the bolted routes are right besides (and in some cases, in the middle of) a waterfall. I saw nowhere near the 15 routes (one 10b, one 12b, and 13 5.11s) purported on this cliff, counting 3 anchors and a few bolts (those I inspected closely were shiny, as were the homemade? hangers). Two of the anchors were practically in the falls (this is early May, after a rain two days ago) and most of the routes got a spray. Belaying (dryly) could also pose probl... [Read More]

Submitted on May 24th, 2004 by kogooma Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Wonju   
 photo The limestone at this crag varies from exceptionally nice to merely climbable. Lots of small huecos and finger pockets. If you've been to Sununsan, then you'd find the routes here similar (except not as long and generally not as steep). There are a good few multipitch climbs here and enough grade variations to hold an interest for everyone. Although I've encountered quite a few spinning bolts at this place, the Koreans who climb here seem to have no trouble taking whips on them with no ill effect.... [Read More]

Submitted on May 14th, 2004 by Eric Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Chungcheongnam-Do    City: Daejeon   
 photo First of all, I have heard this rock called three different names. So last weekend I asked the man who bolted it what the name is and he said Goryeo. You might know it by something else.

This is some nice, fairly solid granite in Gyeryongsan National Park. There are actually three small climbing areas here. The first area you come to is a great place for beginners or to warm up. It's one climb on moderate slopping slab.

The second area has a multi-pitch climb. The first pitch is a mix of slab/face and is rated about 5.9. The seco... [Read More]

Gu-Gi Dong
Submitted on June 11th, 2009 by okdghan Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Seoul   
 photo Granite
and Bouldering... [Read More]

Submitted on July 27th, 2010 by OOBMAN Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Geoje   
 photo The rock at this crag is a conglomerate of granite and volcanic flakes, it can easily be top roped, for access to its 6 routes. Five have shiny new cable and ring configurations. The 5.10 route has a two bolt set up to make your own anchor that route also has the only bolt. The rest are very difficult as hand holds become difficult to find on the second level. It would be a great place for aide climbing practice. The routes are no higher that 40ft and the view is spectacular.
One route has a crack that progresses up into a cave chimne... [Read More]

Gul Tali
Submitted on May 13th, 2012 by DavidPowell Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeju-Do    City: Jeju   
 photo Several sport climbs around a natural bridge in the Musucheon river bed. Similar rock to Musucheon. I was told that these are some of the newest routes put up on the island, so all of the bolts and anchors are in perfect shape. The rock tends to be a bit polished, so chalk is a must.... [Read More]

Gwanaksan Sanbau (산바우)
Submitted on June 17th, 2015 by chersland Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Seoul   
 photo Granite crag with about 17 bolted routes. Mostly vertical climbs, with some overhanging or slabby parts. Mostly good quality rock, with some loose/"rotten" parts of the crag.

The routes vary in length, from around 10 m to around 25 m. The bolts and anchors generally look very new and safe. There is, however, some dubious webbing used at the anchors on most routes, but this is in addition to the good-looking wires that are also used.... [Read More]

Gwanaksan South Face
Submitted on June 4th, 2014 by jhalpin Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Gwacheon   
 photo At least three sport crags and two multipitch trad/sport routes.... [Read More]

Submitted on June 5th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Jeollanam-Do    City: Mokpo   
 photo Slate?-like sedementary rock of mixed quality (friable to quite decent!) vertical to overhanging corners, roofs. . .with some vertical cracks. 5-15 meters on the beach; 50m for Haneul Dari, one of the 8 sights of Gwanmaedo: a 50 meter rock with a slice through the middle (so two rocks) over the sea. There's a bridge over it! You'd need to take a boat to that side of the island (would be very easy to arrange in the off-season)-- maybe some trails but a hefty hike. The main climbs are on the North end of Gwanmae beach. A few vertical cracks that ... [Read More]

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