Korea on the Rocks is Back!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the updated Korea on the Rocks (KOTR). KOTR has a new look, but it still has the same vision: to share South Korean climbing information to the world. KOTR was started by Eric Bush, and the content was created by him and a dedicated group of OG foreign climbers in South Korea. In a time when English climbing information was non-existent, Eric's visionary webpage became the premier rock climbing reference for non-Korean speakers. It was also the largest forum for climbing discussions with lots of practical and important information being shared about how to live and climb in the country. Friendships and an extensive community of climbers living in South Korea were made.

Eric has since left the country, and Facebook groups like Climbing Hub Korea and websites like theCrag.com and Mountain Project began to take over the role that KOTR had done on its own. Although there are more channels of information, there is something missing in all the progress: history and community. If you look through the forums of KOTR, you’ll see the how the country’s climbing has progressed, and how the foreign community has contributed to that progress.

A few months ago, Eric advertised that he wanted to give KOTR a new home, and I quickly replied. My climbing in Korea has benefited from KOTR information and discussions, and I wanted to make sure all the information and discussions were still available to a new generation of visiting climbers.

I’m Eddy Park, and I’ve been living and climbing in South Korea since 2004. I’m also the new administrator and owner of the KOTR webpage. Since 2007, I, through my guiding company, iGuideKorea (iGK), have shared Eric’s goal to make South Korea’s awesome rock climbing more accessible to foreign climbers. With the help of our web developer, Jim Chang, we’ve updated the KOTR website to be more user friendly. Our goal is to continue to contribute to our climbing community through the website with crag information, forums and posts.

Over next few months we’ll be rolling out a few contests and community discussions. I look forward to your input and comments. We hope that the OG will come back and contribute and new members will continue the tradition at koreaontherocks.

Climb safe and keep climbing.