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Black Diamond Bod Harness

OK so here's the secret. This is the best harness ever. Well maybe not, but definitely the best all rounder harness ever. The design has gone largely unchanged in something like 20 years! Yeah it's old school, but I had my last Bod for 7 years, and only retired it last week because it was "that time"....though it only has a bit of surface fuzz and is supple and sweet still.
The reason I bought another Bd is this. It's the only diaper style harness on the market. You can put it on over multiple layers, with double-boots and crampons and no balancing act, no trying to thread feet and legs through leg loops etc. It wraps around the waist and pulls up between the legs!
The front and REAR donuts are FULL STRENGTH rated. So unlike 90% of harnesses you could belay off the back (for face first rappeling), or more usefully YOU CAN use it to haul up a second line, anchor in to a belay or attach a victim in rescue/ help situations. It's strong. It's also very comfy. The waist belt is a soft felt padded affair about 8cm wide - so hanging for long times is not a pain. The 4 gear loops hold all you could want and it's also about the cheapest harness going thesedays ($45 approx etc/ 70,000won in Korea).
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