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Province Name: Chungcheongbuk-Do
City Name: Cheongju
Type of Area: Rock Climbs

Slab, vertical, and overhanging (limestone). . . a beautiful, quiet crag along the Dalcheoncheon (river), near the West entrance of Sognisan National Park.

Facing the crag, L-R: 2 well-hidden slab routes on a mossy low angle slab, 5.8s. The next clusters are labled in Korean by name, but not grade: 12b, 11c, 11b, 11c/d, 12a, ?. A bit further right, a cluster of 4 more routes: 10a (series of small roofs), 5.9, and 2 runout 5.8 slabs.

From road 575 from Miwon, head to the intersection with 37, and turn right. Follow the dirt road along the river opposite the crag. Park, and cross the river on rocks!

Safety Concerns
Some runout on the easier climbs makes decking a potential. Achors were death triangles made of webbing that could certainly be replaced!

Gear to Bring
13 draws and a 50 meter rope to do every climb. Skip the 12b and a dozen draws will do you (though less is OK for most routes).

Additional Comments
There is a lone motel nearby and some port-a-lets. Bring what you need. In the sun, with beautiful views. An excellent alternative or addition to the near-by Cheongsukkol, also posted on this site (about 30 minutes by car).

More Comments
Comment added by swixjohnson on November 11th, 2010
Climbed here a few months aga and found the slab and some of the vertical climbs to be dirty and chossy. The anchors are in bad condition, so bring your own webbing to make an new anchor. The 2 slab climbs on the left have long runouts, and the vertical climbs have somehwhat high first bolts. The 10a climbs were ok, but you may want to perform some clearing prior to climbing. Lastly, it gets alot of sun so it should be good in cooler weather.

Comment added by skinsk on October 11th, 2015
Ah, went back here and we couldn't climb! The river was dammed and there was no crossing to the climbs, the bases of which were all flooded anyway. Damn dam!