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Province Name: Chungcheongbuk-Do
City Name: Cheongju
Type of Area: Artificial Walls

4 meters high and 20 meters long, there are no marked routes. This wall is part of a neighborhood park that includes skateboarding ramps. While technically in Osong in Chungbuk, it's just minutes walking from Chungnam. I rode my bike here from Jochiwon. Routes are limited by you imagination and skill. Most of the holds are pretty solid, with a few spinners (so next time I'll bring a wrench).

It's just north east of Osong Station (KTX). Local busses 53 and 525 (at least) go by. The closest stop is Osong Middle School.

Address: Hongdeok-gu, Osong-eup, Mansu-gil

Additional Comments
The wall gets a lot of sun and while the park has some shady areas, they are further away (well, there is a strip behind the wall that,s pretty shady.) there is no water fountain or bathroom in the park or immediate surroundings.

It's definitely not a destination wall, but a good option for those living in Jochiwon (about 15 minutes by car, 25 by bus, or 30 by bike) who want to get in some bouldering.

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