Ulsan sport climbing center / 인공 암벽센터 View Full Version of Ulsan sport climbing center / 인공 암벽센터

Province Name: Gyeongsangnam-Do
City Name: Ulsan
Type of Area: Artificial Walls

This is an artificial outdoor climbing with a big overhang and a way for official speed climbing.
The wall is around 15 meter heigh.
You need to bring a rope but no need a quickdraw, they still there.

The place is near Ulsan dowtown, in Nam-Gu, near Seonam-dong lac.

When you go to the seonam dong lac, take the road alongthe lac and you will find something look like a watermill on your left, then take the first road on your left.
You will see a small red hill on your right, take this road and you will arrive on a football pitch, go through the left then you will arrive on a paintball pitch and on the climbing center.

Gps localisation
35.513365, 129.323060‎
+35 30' 48.11", +129 19' 23.02"

Additional Comments
The wall is open the week end

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