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Province Name: Gyeonggi-Do
City Name: Seoul
Type of Area: Bouldering

Granite.As good as it gets in Korea.The best bouldering area in Seoul?I don't know?There's about 50 problems now.Mostly good stone and some hard projects.The boulders were first climbed by Unio Joubert and Scott Hiebert in 2007. Dave McAllister, Dave Wallach and Kim Lee also got in on the action with some of the best FA's in the area! The area might have around 100 problems when it's all over.

Take the 704 or the 34 from Gupabal station(Exit 2) to

Bukhansan park(just follow the hikers) go up the hill and turn left at Ranger station. The boulders are in the river...Look at the map for more... A topo will be posted when it's done.

Safety Concerns
The higher you go the harder you fall.Bring as many pad- people as possible.

Additional Comments
There are some shops at the base and close to the boulders.

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Comment added by choss monkey on September 10th, 2010

The RB's are closed for the next 10 years, so they can re-introduce tigers and bears to help keep the feral mountain ajuma population in check.