Waryongsan, Sangsa Bawi View Full Version of Waryongsan, Sangsa Bawi

Province Name: Gyeongsangnam-Do
City Name: Sacheon
Type of Area: Rock Climbs

Granite rock, one and two pitches, slabby to vertical, with roofs, bulges. . . there are several crags, so follow the trail around. Some of the cracks could (and should!) take some extra pro-- nuts and cams-- to rule out decking potential and to supplement some old pitons. . . most of the bolts looked good, but some succumbed to rust and some of the cracks are sparsely bolted (or have old pitons).

Many trails lead to Sangsa Bawi; the shortest begins at Gapryongsa, a temple on the slope of the mountain just south of the new city hall. The turnoff to Waryongsan heads down a narrow road besides a river. . . follow the road all the way to the temple. . . a taxi might take you to Yakbulam (another temple) further up (not much parking) shaving 10 minutes off the approach. From Gapryongsa, take the trail just right and cross a stream (by a well) to a small shop (with coffee machine) and stone pagodas/fitness park. . . head up the road to Yakbulam and take the dirt/rocky hiking trail. After 0.6k, you'll some to a saddle with trails heading in 4 directions. From hear you can see Sangsa Bawi. . . after a couple minutes, the trail further branches off-- up, or left to the climbing (it says rock climbing in Korean). . . go left and in a few minutes, you're there!

Safety Concerns
Some loose rock, worn-looking pro, and at least one hard climb with real decking potential. Look over the routes before you start up!

Wear good approach shoes.

Gear to Bring
A 60 meter rope will work on the single pitches; 50 will let you do most of the routes (but be safe and tie a knot!) a dozen draws for the bolts/pitons, but bring some gear if you've got it!

Additional Comments
It's in the sun most of the day. . . some of the trail from the first crag to the others further in was washed away. . . but you can go up, do or across-- good shoes would be nice. Limited supplies on the trail. . . water at the well and coffee and Korean snacks if the little shop is open-- bring what you need!

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