Geoje Sports Complex Climbing Wall View Full Version of Geoje Sports Complex Climbing Wall

Province Name: Gyeongsangnam-Do
City Name: Geoje
Type of Area: Artificial Walls

10 meters high with varying degrees of overhang
Geoje Sports Complex's climbing wall is in central
Geoje, just before City Hall.

Just north of City Hall (follow the signs off 14, before the bus terminal). . . is Samsung Sports Complex, with stadium and other accouterment. Following the main turnoff from the street up towards Gyeryongsan (mountain-- which the stadium backs up to) you'll see the obvious climbing wall.

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Central location-- not a destination in and of itself, but if you're in the area and want to climb a wall. It's right in the city, so everything you could need is close by. Gyeryongsan (the mountain behind) has some old climbing routes. . . about an hour hike in. . . the Gyerongsan Hot Springs is just a few minutes away and has a great jjimjilbang.

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Comment added by KellyET on March 5th, 2014
Directions: If you get in a taxi, tell them that you want to go to 거제시실내 체육관.

Cost: It is 1,000 won per person. At night you can get lights turned on. It is 6,000 won to turn the lights on. 500 won per hour of the lights being on.

Where to pay/access wall: To the left of the wall there is a gym. Go inside, turn left and there is a hallway to the right with a door at the end. Knock on the door, then go inside. You will have to fill out a liability form and pay. They will then come unlock the gate for you.

Equipment: None (Bring your own.)