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Province Name: Gyeongsangnam-Do
City Name: Gimhae
Type of Area: Gyms

Centrally located basement gym. Has showers, some weights, lots of gimmicky-fun things (jacob's ladder with rolly bars, campus boards, belt massager. . .)

Open M-F with trips around the area on the weekends!
Various membership options (check photos).

The gym is just off Gusan Yukgari (구산육가리), a 6 way-intersection N of the national Museum, NE of Homeplus, E of the N tip of Yeonji Park, W and below! the Astronomical Observatory. There's an S-Oil Station off the rotary, and the gym is just behind this, in the same building.

A lot of busses, from as far as Busan, pass through this intersection, including: 1, 1-1, 5, 5-1, 8, 14, 58, 127, 128, 128-1 and 309.

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