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GuRyongsa (구룡사)
Submitted on June 2nd, 2009 by sussexupbeat Type: Bouldering    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Wonju   
 photo Seems to be granite and conglomerate that dominate this river bed. Most boulders are either in the river or on it's shore. Some of the rocks have water under them [in the spring] (perhaps they'd be climable in the fall?), and nearly all of them are covered in lots of moss. there are cool traverses, atleast one steep overhang with the possibility of really difficult routes, lowballs and highballs, and a number of cool problems, although most of them have never been touched, and are well vegetated.... [Read More]

Submitted on May 22nd, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Wonju   
 photo The prominent rock you'll see if you visit Ipseoksa (temple) is just the "tip of the iceberg", so to speak. Strolling along the boardwalk around the rock, you'll see some old pitons and evidence of early (aid?) ascents. The climbing is actually below this. Walk just beyond the turnoff to the rock and head down (if you continue straight instead of down when the path turns to dirt, you'll get to an ancient stone=carved Buddha relief). There are a handful (5?) bolted routes (10d, 11b, 12a, 10b, 10c) and some cracks (some with wooden wedges jammed ... [Read More]

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