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운일암반일암 Submitted on October 22nd, 2016 by skinsk Print
Type: Bouldering Province: Jeollabuk-Do City: Jinan
Park: n/a Rating: V0 - V12 Views: 9923
Photos: 8 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 3 Image(s) - Add Images    

A truly magical valley of boulders (it's been home to a local bouldering festival for years). . . There area a couple of kilometers where bouldering is possible. Several sectors have been developed between the two main campgrounds. There are several bridges and (of course, depending on water-levels) river crossings. Super-high crack boulders would even make trad practice possible. About 50 developed lines, but more potential.

There are also 4 sport routes, just across (and slightly west) of the prominent gazebo. There are no anchors, just two bolts, for each. The rightmost routes have a second higher anchor. There is a trail above the routes, so you could clean at the end. From L-R 5.10a/5.10b/5.11a/5.11b

Along road 55, the campgrounds are a good starting point, but the road follows the river and numerous parking areas, convenience facilities. . . mark the way. It's not too hard to find the boulders!

Safety Concerns
There's water, and some highballs. Crashpads and great spots would be ideal. A rope for some of the mad-highballs would be helpful. There are also some high brach boulders, so trad climbing could be taught/practiced.

Additional Comments
For the several kilometers of the bouldering area, there are 2 major campgrounds, a few more rustic, lots of bathrooms and potable water fountains, and plenty of parking spaces. Also a few convenience stores and a couple of motels/pensions, minbaks. Lots of picnic areas and shelters. Water to wade in the summer, but gorgeous in fall (and easy to avoid the water). Honestly, this place pretty much has it all, and yet still feels remote and pristine. Be aware that electric outlets are nonexistent.

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