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You Hak San Submitted on April 29th, 2005 by Baek Su Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Waegwan
Park: n/a Rating: 5.8 - 5.13 Style: Sport
Views: 9916 Photos: 14 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images

The type of rock is varied , as are the types of climbs. Some begin as slab and end up overhanging and, vice versa. There are a few multi-pitch climbs here and some are regular climbs that are 32 meters so tie a knot in the end of your rope. The bolts are changed on a regular basis but the 'pig tails' suck.

Take the Da Bu exit on the #55 going North out of Daegu, turn left, at the top of the hill turn right and go to Do Bong Sa. Hike up towards the temple and 15 meters before the temple turn right and follow the trail, there are three places so keep your eyes open, at the last place is a garbage can so don't go farther then that. You can camp there but it can get busy in the morning.

Safety Concerns
Bolts seem ok, anchors too, but they use pig tails and some are bent so maybe a few bail beaners might be a good idea. All in all its good though.

Gear to Bring
Bring some webbing just cause and maybe 11 draws won't hurt. There are some easy multi-pitches so....

Additional Comments
No store in the area really. There is water at the temple, and rsturants at the bottem. The final road to the top is really steep!!!! Driving can be hard if a car is coming down at the same time. Early morning is best, Sunday can be crazy.

Comment added by Baek Su on April 29th, 2005
P.M. me for a route guide. I will be updating this soon

Comment added by robb on May 2nd, 2005
fellow climbers here are nutz!! we have seen some amazingly stupid stuff here: a students harness opened while half-way up a climb (she grabbed a jug and was saved), people droping on-top of other climbers, etc. You get the idea. They are very friendly, and most are ok, but it only takes one...

Comment added by ricardo on April 4th, 2006
wear a helmet at the base or stay away from the wall. fellow climber JM got nailed in the head by a rock dislodged from drytoolers on the second pitch (no warning). no permanent damage, but be aware out there.

Comment added by skinsk on October 23rd, 2006
No car? There are 5 busses a day from BukBu Innercity Terminal (북부시외버스터미널) near SeoDaegu Innercity Terminal. . . heading to Dogae Hot Springs but tell the driver you want to go to Dobongsa. . .

Better (and not so expensive if you split the cost). . . take a train to Waegwan (they leave frequently from Daegu and take 15 minutes or so). . . then take a taxi to Dobongsa . . . for W15,000 we were taken up the steep road to the temple. The best way (maybe the only way) to get a ride back is a call taxi.
Our driver to/from Waegwan was Mr. Kim Se-yeon 016-529-6288. . . learn enough Korean to explain you're a foreigner in nead of a pickup at Dobongsa-- he's done it before!! Alternately, his taxi company # is 054)974-7000.

Once you're on the hiking path, head right when the trail branches off right (or goes up. . . up leads to the top and adds quite a bit to the approach!)

Comment added by skinsk on November 1st, 2006
for route information for both crags at Yuhaksan, check out:


Comment added by bhylenski on May 18th, 2007
Was just there the weekend of May 6th. The directions on this entry are outdated and very inacurate. We ended up sleeping on the side of the road. We also arrived at night, so it was much harder to find everything. The "trash can" we were supposed to find, was obviously gone, or maybe its only there in the summer. Either was, a trash can is a poor landmark as we all probably know.

Anyhow, here are some updated instructions.
1. When you arrive at the parking lot at the base of the hill you will see a large map of the area at the start of a steep road. Its 1-2 km up this road to the temple.
2. Feel free to drive up this road and park at the temple, but remember parking is limited and you could be turned around by the monks, if there is a ceremony going on.
3. We were able to park at the top. When you arrive at the top, please park and head towards the temple. You will see an elaborate, yet rickety old conveyor belt type contraption that allows the monks to move things up the steep road to the temple. Along side this contraption is a very steep road, with stone steps on the side.
4. At the base of this road, set back about 50ft off the road is a bathroom. There is a small trail that goes up behind the bathroom that leads to a small campsite, mostly filled with trash. Its disgusting, so I don't recomment camping there.
5. From the base of the steep road, go up the driveway along the steps, just before the road turns left toward the temple, you'll see a path on your right that goes into the woods.
6. Take the path, go about 10yds\meters and go left. This will start taking you up a steep trail for about 200yds\meters, when you come to a fork in the trail, go left and head straight up the steep incline. You should see some ropes and string that act as a handrail.
7. At the top of this steep slope you will come to a ridge. Head left and follow the trail till you see a small opening and a minor boulder field. Just to your left is the first set of climbs from the korean guide. I believe there are two 5,9's, a 5.10a and 5.10b here.
8. If you continue up the boulderfield to the trail you'll run into another enormous wall with even more climbing.
9. keep following these trails until you arrive at some flats. There are two locations to camp. The last area is the best, but there are often a load of koreans there who camp exhibition style.
10. The entire hike in, is about 10-20 minutes depending on your speed. If you come to the first camping area you'll know it by a large left leaning rock that acts as a rain shelter. This is very obvious. There is also a small pond against the wall that can be used for filter water or just cleaning. I don't recommend drinking it straight!
11. The last camping area is at the very end just at the base of the last climbing crag. Please use the climbing guide from skinsk's last update, its a good quality guide and we used it for the whole weekend.

Comments: I'd bring your trad gear there are some climbs that could use some updating especially the 12's and above, I don't think they see alot of traffic in the spring, maybe come summer when the big boys hit this place, they'll get replaced.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about this area. Great place, loads of sun and incredible views! Great camping and early morning rising to the sounds of the temples bells.


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