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Sokcho Climbing Wall Submitted on July 20th, 2011 by skinsk Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Gangwon-Do City: Sokcho
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Near the Municipal Stadium in central Sokcho, the wall was deserted and seemingly neglected when we visited. That said, if you maybe brought a wrench for some twirly-holds, the wall would suffice.

The wall is about 16 meters, but so overhanging at points the longest routes are 18 meters.

I suppose with Seorak at it's doorstep, people in Sokcho don't hang out at an artificial wall much.

It's in the Municipal Stadium/Gym complex. Straight and right.

This is right near the tourist info center on 관광로 (Tourism Street). If you're coming in from the tunnel (Misiryeong-ro) on 56, it's a major turnoff right to get to Seoraksan.

I really can't imagine many reasons you'd go to this wall if you're going to Seoraksan, though!

Additional Comments
It's in the middle of Sokcho. Water and snacks nearby.

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