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Munsu Mountain Submitted on April 7th, 2004 by Eric Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Ulsan
Park: n/a Rating: 5.8 - 5.13 Style: Trad/sport
Views: 10396 Photos: 8 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images

Just on the outskirts of Ulsan city, Munsusan has tons of climbing. In this area there are about 100 climbs. The rock is granite. For the most part, it is very facey climbing. There are few areas of overhanging rock. Most of the climbs are sport routes but I found places where I wanted/needed to place gear. Some of the hangers look like they were made in a machinist shop and not professionally, but they are new and appear strong. Most of the harder climbs have professionally made hangers.

On average, the climbs are not overly long, about 15 meters. The granite faces are not to pumpy on the arms but your finger tips and toes tend to get a work out from the tiny features you have to use. Very balancy. A ton of fun.

I did not see any multi-pitch climbs and very few of the climbs are labeled.

From the Rotary in Ulsan city, take Munsuro Road west for about 5 minutes. Watch for signs to Munsu Temple(Munsusa). A few meters before the road becomes divided by orange dividers, take a right. Follow this narrow road up the mountain. The small roads are like spider webs but if you try and stay on the "main" one and keep going up, you should be fine.

At the top is a small parking lot, bathrooms and on top of the bathrooms a small "observatory". Head towards the food stands and that's where the trail begins. Follow the trail up for about 15-20 minutes. After about 5 minutes the trail levels out and you start to traverse the cliff. Then you will come to a staircase. Don't go up the staircase. Instead, head down the trail that veers off to the left. After a few minutes you will start to see the bolts above and below you.

Safety Concerns
The climbing at Munsusan is on a big bluff that is divided horizontally by a trail that traverses the cliff. So basically there's a top half and a bottom half. It's really easy to kick rock down from the trail so if you are climbing on the bottom half, be cautious of those above you.

Some bolts and anchors look a little old but the harder the climb the better the chances that the protection is good.

Gear to Bring
A set of 10 - 12 quickdraws is required. A set of small to medium sized cams would be helpful on some climbs. A 50 meter rope should get you to the top of most climbs.

Additional Comments
You are about 15-20 minutes away from the parking lot where they sell some food in little tents. Near the climbing some shamans catch water from run-off but I am not sure if they appreciate you taking their hard earned water. Saturdays seem to be the time to go because on Sunday, things get a little busy. You have good sun most of the day. You can also camp at the base of the wall. I don't remember if there was a telelphone in the parking lot.

This place is cool. Tons of fun climbs and all different levels!

Comment added by Eric on May 3rd, 2004
Contour Maps of the climbs at Munsu Mountain.

Comment added by jodie on May 7th, 2005
Just some clarifications about getting up to the rock. From the parking lot, walk back down the hill and there is a dirt road to the right (right if you are walking down from the parking lot) walk along the dirt road slash trail. keep and eye our for stairs made out of rock on your right hand side. climb up them and follow that trail. more rock stairs will follow. by the monks first plastic house you have the opportunity to go right and do some 5.9 and higher climbs. if you go left you have more hiking to do and you get some 5.7 and higher climbs. and the monk guy is not only the more cheerful/happiest guy on earth, but he also always lets you drink is spring water.
...if you climb near the end of winter, you have to quit by 4pm because the rock gets really cold then. currently, this being spring of 2005, there is a group of forgeiners who usually make it to the rock on saturdays. we's all super friendly so come to ulsan and climb with us.

Comment added by Eric on May 7th, 2005
jodie, i havent been to the lower part of munsusan but it sounds like thats what your directions are for. is that right? my directions are far the upper section.


Comment added by The Fin on November 7th, 2005
There are people climbing every Saturday, or there abouts, Sundays are busy. If you ever need partners, just drop me a line. There also has been some new bolting going on, or re-bolting anyway.

Comment added by ricardo on October 8th, 2007
This place rules! As mentioned, there are a ton of climbs for all levels. The ratings are 1-2 grades steep or I'm way more out of shape than I thought. But there are still climbs to keep everyone entertained.
On the Upper Trail:
-the last area has fun starter climbs (except the 5.11? on the left). We estimated 5.7 - 5.10a. (harder as you go left)
-the 2nd to last area has a lot of mid range climbs (look for ratings written in black ink on the rock (not all of them)). several 10a's (which felt like 10c), harder 10's, and other really burly looking climbs (12's?)
--there is a bulge between these two areas that look in the 10/11 range.
-there are a couple more areas on the upper trail that i didn't get a good look at.

On the lower trail: (hiking down from the water collection point)
note: this trail will take you back to the road (which is a far superior trail in terms of aethetics. If you're looking for the climbs, hug the rock.)
-the first area has mid range climbs from 10a to 11?. (You will see a few rusty bolts on the way down...keep going until you see a 'nice' climbing area.)
-the second area has fairly well marked routes... (hike past area-1 and up a little)
--part 1 is the semi-free standing rock on the left (above and right of area-1) and is riddled with 12's. If I could climb 12's when I saw this I would have done cartwheels! super cool!
--part 2 is the big blocky overhanging area. A few 12's going up, and a 13b traversing on the upper side of the overhang. WARNING: this route is called 'Vision' and is marked with a dotted line so I'm not sure if it is completed.
--these two parts are separated by a crevice which leads up to the sketchy traverse on the upper trail (with the steel cable)

see pictures

Comment added by Cali4nia on December 15th, 2009
What a stellar climbing area! Really good in winter because it faces south.

Public transportation is doable, but be prepared for a long, uphill (and beautiful) hike. From Ulsan, find a bus to 율리 (Yoolli bus depot). Several buses go from Samsan Road (삼산로), including 401 and 1104. This is the road straight out of Ulsan station. From either bus terminal, go outside, go left, and walk to Terminal Junction (터미널 사거리).

Facing Yoolli bus depot, walk left toward a big freeway overpass. Walk under the overpass, and continue to a traffic light intersection. The sign says 문수사입구. Go right on this road, which takes you to the parking lot. Over several kilometers, it winds through picturesque countryside and steep hills. No reason not to stick out your thumb and smile at passing cars.

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