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K2 Gym Submitted on September 4th, 2009 by B-Team Print
Type: Gyms Province: Gyeonggi-Do City: Seoul
Phone: 02-3408-9400 URL: Visit Gym's Homepage Address: On the corner of Seongsu Sagori
Views: 15687 Photos: 18 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 1 Image(s) - Add Images

The biggest gym yet in Korea. This place is for beginner and advanced climbers alike. The layout and design is on par with the average gym in America. Great facilities. 12 meter tall lead wall (290 square meters) and 4 meter tall bouldering area (310 square meters). Routes and problems are marked if you like that kind of system. If you're interested there's also an outdoor shop (1st fl), screen golf (4&5 fl) and fitness club (6&7 fl).

Price only for climbing gym:
30,000 won/day
130,000 won/month
300,000 won/3 months

Business Hours:
M-F = 9am - 11pm
Sat = 9am - 9pm
Sun/Holidays = 10am - 6pm

This gym is located on the second and third floor in the new K2 Climbing and Fitness Center. The center is located between Konkuk University Station 건대입구역 (line 2 and 7, transfer station) and Seongsu Station 성수역 (line 2). From Seongsu Station go out exit 2 and walk straight, heading towards Konkuk Station, for 500 meters. From Konkuk University Station go out exit 1 and head towards Seongsu station for 500 meters. See map.

Comment added by BR on January 14th, 2010
for those in the Bundang area bus #102 will take you 1/2 a block from the gym, get off the stop after Konkuk Station.

Comment added by cdcarr18 on February 20th, 2010
Just found out after going here tonight....the climbing center closes at 9pm on Saturday nights (21:00)

Comment added by froggiFR on March 9th, 2010
The business hours have changed. On the weekdays, it's 9am to 11pm.

Comment added by froggiFR on June 12th, 2010
The gym does not rent out shoes, harnesses, or rope. So make sure to bring your own.

I met some out-of-towners who came with nothing and weren't too happy about it.

Comment added by choss monkey on September 10th, 2010
I know I'm not the only K2 guy here... You know how in the states and Canada there are two main types of gyms... the dirty climbers gym (the good kind) and the b-day party gym (the shite kind)?

Well, K2 feels exactly like the b-day party kind, only they happen to have some really good climbers there.

Don't know what it is, just don't like the vibe there.

Comment added by choss monkey on October 1st, 2010
I TAKE IT ALL BACK. It seems to be getting better, AND they are adding a whole new bouldering room, still too crazy during the evening, but really cool the rest of the time.

Comment added by lynch2 on October 23rd, 2010
So as of Nov. 1, 2010 K2 is going to up their prices:

1 month = W130,000
3 months = W210,000
1 time = W30,000

(if you've been thinking of getting a membership, I suggest you make it there this week and do it before the price increase!!)

Also, here are the current hours:
M-F = 9am - 11pm
Sat = 9am - 9pm
Sun/Holidays = 10am - 6pm

Comment added by choss monkey on November 6th, 2010
Hmm, I've worked at 5 different gyms in the U.S. and have climbed at many more. I feel like this gym is still LESS THAN AVERAGE.

I don't know of any gyms that charge 30 in the states for a day pass (I usually only boulder). It is becoming obvious to me that K2 is purely business and HATES CLIMBERS.

I gave them too many chances. F-ck K2. It was cool that they expanded because that ALMOST made the 20,000 day pass worth it, but not now.

I urge people to check out other family owned gyms, and to support the climbing community instead of the money grubbing bastards at K2.

Comment added by Helenk on November 9th, 2010
Just to mention a minor change (I say minor but its putting a hole in my pocket!) to the prices:

As lynch2 mentioned above:

1 month = W130,000
1 day = W30,000


3 month = 300,000

Unfortunately, they have also taken away the reduction in price if you renew your membership (it was from 210,000 - 190,000 before) so even if renewing your membership, it is a straight W300,000.

Comment added by tignard on February 9th, 2012
Went there in November and it was an oven. Gloomy faces. Maybe K2 is a judicial community service facility. My Korean friend had to beg the "pro" out of his office to speak with us. He gave us the " walls are for the pros...You have to pass a test" speech...With a "we don't need you here" tone...

Comment added by blacklotus on April 2nd, 2013
Want to have look at the place? No problem. Just have to show your ID to the staff, fill out some papers, and then take the lift up one floor. And about the door staff, they look just like women who work at a hotel. Weirdest experience I've ever had at a climbing gym. I opted not to show an ID - since I wasn't even carrying one - and left bewildered. Come on people, climbing, or training for climbing, can't sink this low.

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