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GuRyongsa (구룡사) Submitted on June 2nd, 2009 by sussexupbeat Print
Type: Bouldering Province: Gangwon-Do City: Wonju
Park: Chiaksan Park Rating: V0 - V0 Views: 11855
Photos: 1 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images    

Seems to be granite and conglomerate that dominate this river bed. Most boulders are either in the river or on it's shore. Some of the rocks have water under them [in the spring] (perhaps they'd be climable in the fall?), and nearly all of them are covered in lots of moss. there are cool traverses, atleast one steep overhang with the possibility of really difficult routes, lowballs and highballs, and a number of cool problems, although most of them have never been touched, and are well vegetated.

bus 41 goes from wonju downtown to guryongsa (구룡사) and drops you off right at the trail head!
pay your fee and start walking, go past the temple, and once you get past the interpretive trail, keep a sharp eye on the river. soon boulders will be popping up... hop off onto the river and follow it uphill taking in all of the possible problems.

Safety Concerns
some of the landings are under water, but in the dry season(s) perhaps not. a pad and a good brush, standard for korean bouldering are necessary. the rock is surprisingly good, although a lot of cleaning the lines is essential.

Additional Comments
all of the climbing is in the shade, although there may be sporadic rays of sun through the tree cover, and for this reason it is usually a few degrees cooler than in the outside world. the bugs are a possible hazard... there's spring water after the trailhead - can't miss the turtle offering before the dragon bridge - as well as lots of shops selling mountain food before it.
there is a campground right beside the trailhead, as well...

although there really aren't that many boulders, those that exist are pretty good; however, there aren't enough to warrant much of an extended visit. if you live near wonju, though, or want to head to a beautiful mountain not that far from seoul, this place is a blessing, escaping into the mountains to get on some real rock, without the crowds and a river trickle forever in the background. climbing alone is not a problem as most problems don't really need a spotter.

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