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Gyeongju City out door Climbing Wall Submitted on March 10th, 2009 by supertopoz Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Gyeongju
Views: 6609 Photos: 8 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images

It is a medium size out door wall, with a number of routes. Some are over hanging and some are vertical. It is made of plastic, and some hold are bright pink, whilst others are of a different color.

If you like different colors that is okay because not many other them are pink.

Take a pink taxi to the pink holds.

경주 인공암벽장
Gyeoungju outdoor climbing wall, with pink holds.

◈ 경주시 손곡동 생활체육공원 인공암벽장 찾아 오는 길
This basically says Gyeoungju citizens sport ground.
and it is in "Son Kuk Dong."

1, 버스노선: 시내버스 277번(1일 / 9회 운행: 06시부터~21시까지)
And this basically says take a number 277 bus Which starts at 6 am and finishes as 7pm

This lists places you can get on the bus.
GyeoungJu intercity bus terminal.
Jun Ang Market.
GyeoungJu Station.
Tax Office.
Hwang Song Park (across the road from the clock tower, library)
And so on......

Take a Taxi, print this page and show it the map.
Will take about 20 minutes, and cost about 15,000Won.

Take a car, Take a Navigation, Take a plane, Take your bike. Walk. all up to you!!!!

I took my bike three times a week and had stronger legs than arms.

Additional Comments
I like this place, I set a bunch of routes on there. Also of note I had a secret carrot garden nearby, and stole horse poo to fertilize it.

The garden was great my carrots were not.

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