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Ahgulbawi Submitted on May 24th, 2004 by kogooma Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gangwon-Do City: Sokcho
Park: Seoraksan Park Rating: 5.9 - 5.12 Style: Sport
Views: 18878 Photos: 19 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images

Only fifteen routes, but some sweet lines. Except for one climb, they're all single pitch, from 10-30m, mostly face climbing on granite.

This crag is easy to access since it's virtually bordering a parking lot. Not a lot of traffic at this place, save for bus loads of Korean ajumas and ajashis on the weekends who'll cheer you on as your pulling the crux on that 5.12. To get there, you can start in Sokcho by grabbing a local bus to Jangsudae. There's a campsite here, and a minor entrance to Seoraksan park. Hike down the road in the same direction as the bus was heading for ten minutes and you won't miss it.

Safety Concerns
Well protected routes with solid bolts and chained anchors. There have been instances of minor rockfall and I have noticed less then solid holds on a few of the routes. Generally though, the rock is solid.

Gear to Bring
This place is extensively bolted, even in some areas where natural protection could be used. A rack of 10 draws is sufficient.

Additional Comments
There's a rest station across the road with snacks, a restaurant and exceptionally clean bathrooms. This crag is never that busy. On Sundays you may encounter a group of climbers but they tend to sit and much as much as climb so they're be plenty of routes free. Not a lot of moderates... only one 5.9, a handful of 10's, 11's and 12's. There is a route guide for this place, although I have no idea if it's accessible on the net.

Comment added by timahifostez on August 9th, 2007
we went there last week (august 5th 2007) and thought i should add the following...

1. getting the bus there isn't too simple, so what you need to do (if there is a simpler way please say) is go to the soraksan tourist information centre on the coast in sokcho- right before the 7 ans 7-1 bus turns to go up to soraksan main valley. across the road at a little snack shop you can buy the bus tickets (4000) to jangsudae and they will tell you when the bus arrives. make sure to ask the driver to tell you when to get off. (about 1hr-1hr 30mins) as for getting back, the ranger will tell you the bus times.
2. it might be a 10 minute walk to some, but it took us over 20 mins before we decided we were not in the right place and turned back for help. alas if we had contiuned for 5 more minutes we would have got there! anyway, we were tired and dont know how to measure the time really, so whatever pace you walk.. its 3km, hope this helps. - oh and we hitch-hiked it lol, plenty of people were willing to help.
3. it was raining the whole week, but we went on the one dry day, and unfortuately due to the trees and soil at the top, the rock acted as a natuaral waterfall! so only one route was climbable, and even that one felt a bit dubious.
4. the cafe is either out of business or being refurbished because it was all borded up and full of rubble.

hope this helps because we spent a lot of time locating and getting to this place, only to get one climb in each (though the mountain bus ride to the place was spectacular and worth the trip anyway we thought)

that aside we will definately go back again in a better season because its a really nice little set up.

just take into account the weather.. and bring supplies if you were (like us) were going to rely on the cafe being there..

happy climbing..

Comment added by Archaeopterock on October 18th, 2008
You can also take the bus there from Si Wae Bus Terminal (the local bus terminal) in sokcho. Not sure if it leaves as often, but it takes about the same time. Might be the same bus even.

Comment added by Archaeopterock on October 18th, 2008
The cafe is indeed out of business, but there's a restaurant across from the ranger station where you get dropped off as well as a Minbak up the road.

Comment added by swixjohnson on November 11th, 2010
The bolts are still shiny save for a few that seem to have water running directly over them when it rains. The bolts are in good condition as is the rock. The rock itself is a bity sharp. I suggest not climbing in shorts and bring tape for your hands and a few bandaids. This crag is good for nearly all levels and would be a nice training place for a first lead.

The bus ride from Sokcho takes 90-120 minutes+. I suggest staying in the small village up the road past the Jangsudae entrance heading toward Sokcho from the crags. The hotels range from 50,000-120,000+ but woth it as they are near the crags. I think this spot is best accessed via a car. The main park entrance is quite easy to get to and may be a better chioce for climbing.

There are portable bathrooms here which is nice but no other facilities as has been stated in other posts.

Happy climbing

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