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청소년 수려원 - Youth Center Submitted on November 14th, 2006 by yohja134 Print
Type: Gyms Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do City: Jinju
Phone: unavailable URL: unavailable Address: unavailable
Views: 14097 Photos: 4 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images

W30,000 per month.

From the Shiwei bus terminal, walk left a few blocks until coming to the next big intersection (with a bridge). Cross the street, walk one block away from the bridge, then turn left and walk 1-2 blocks, then turn right.

From the Jinju-song castle, walk to the bridge, turn left, cross the street.
Turn left again, walk 1-2 blocks, turn right.

Straight ahead are basketball courts and behind is the youth center, including climbing wall.
hours are 10am - 8:30 pm, closed Monday and Thursday. Open on weekends!!

Nearby is a great restaurant serving bibimbap ... and a authentic teashop is across the street, 2nd story.

Comment added by nicco33 on November 24th, 2011
A quick update, including photos (because this original photos must be of some other random gym):

The climbing center's located exactly where yohja134 says it is, but the hours have been extended, albeit slightly. It's now open from 9 a.m. until roughly 8 p.m., or whenever the last climber leaves.

A 2,000-won daily drop-in fee's also an option.

As it's a civic youth center, the gym's well stocked with harnesses and shoes for anyone who doesn't have gear. That makes it a great place for teaching new climbers the basics, lead included.

Last, but not least, an alternate landmark. From the downtown Lotteria and Lotte Cinema, cross the main street and walk away from the main road on the small street that runs past the side of the LaFuma shop. The gym's in the large building sat one block off the main road.

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