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우리암 Our Rock Submitted on May 22nd, 2006 by skinsk Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gangwon-Do City: Wonju
Park: n/a Rating: 5.8 - 5.12 Style: Sport
Views: 15147 Photos: 3 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 5 Image(s) - Add Images

Our Rock is a short and rather isolated rock 50m or so from the road on the outskirts of Wonju. Apparently it's visible from the street only in winter, when the foliage is thin. Vertical face climbing with a corner. Mostly crimpy stuff. Beware, there is a behive! If you are allergic to bees, you might want to avoid this place.

16 routes from 7-11 meters high (the majority being 7). 2-5 bolts per route. Pro looks old/rarely used.

Bus 41 from Wonju to 수암리-- on 42 near the turnoff for Park Valley Golf Course. The trailhead begins in a commercial yard between the intersection and a gas station, across the street from the Wonju Organics Building. You'll need to go past the dog and look for a trail on the right, near the back. Look at navigational photos as it is steep looks nothing like a trailhead. I suppose you could go up almost anywhere, bushwhack through the light foliage (no real trail) about 5 minutes until you come to a clearing and voila, 우리암 (Uri Am).
I had a local climber show me the place. Even with map, directions, and phone help to people that worked in the yard by the trail, I was "lost" 5 minutes away. . . check navigational photos!

Safety Concerns
No real safety concerns, besides getting lost finding the place, the loose steep trail in, bushwhacking through stickers, and the bee hive. Wear good approach shoes!

Gear to Bring
a 25 meter rope and half dozen draws would allow you to enjoy all of the routes!

Additional Comments
There's a restaurant, gas station and hotel near-by. . . some stores a little further on. Bring water and a snack. You could camp there, but I couldn't imagine why you'd want to! I see this more of a place for Wonju locals and people who go to Kanhyon so much they are looking for something different. Also good if you had to cut your rope through the middle!

Comment added by JohnLMessick on October 26th, 2006
I checked out this location this week, and will provide a brief update. At present, the routes in this location are not safe to climb. Anchors at the top have mostly rusted away, and most of the bolts are extremely sketchy. The access is difficult, but not hard to find. THe routes are badly in need of cleaning, and top roping is not easy, nor would it be fun. With some work, this could be a decent place, but at present, I would deem it unacceptable for safe climbing.

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