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Wolmyoung Wall Submitted on May 6th, 2006 by ricardo Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Jeollabuk-Do City: Gunsan
Views: 8010 Photos: 9 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images

15m tall
no bolts or holds on lower 2.5 meters so you must bring your own (or something to step up on). if bouldering gym is open, you can get materials from them. There are usually groups on this wall in the afternoons that will help out.
pig tail anchors.
bouldering gym is located inside the wall. this was an effort between the Kunsan climbing club and the city of Kunsan to provide a FREE service for local climbers.

map is posted (outdated: climbing club is now located inside the wall and NOT as indicated on map)

Additional Comments
bathrooms and wash station on site
for snacks and water; hike up the 'trail' past the reservior (5 min) to the various stands, or head to the store below the Seonunsan climbing gym (post coming soon)
flood lights make for nice night climbing,
bouldering structure nearby, but surrounded by locked fence (not sure the status)

(PM ricardo to update any of this information)

Comment added by JMK on May 31st, 2008
There is also an indoor portion of this wall that is kinda cool. Bouldering and a bit of a lead wall. I guess the hours are 1830-2130 though I'm not sure what days. It looks like the just finished building it. Anyway its on the parking lot side of the wall inside the structure itself.

Comment added by JMK on May 31st, 2008
Oh yeah its also free!!

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