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EugeumNi Bawi Submitted on March 10th, 2006 by CHOI BAWI Print
Type: Bouldering Province: Chungcheongnam-Do City: Asan
Park: n/a Rating: V0 - V5 Views: 12879
Photos: 1 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 2 Image(s) - Add Images    

Quartzite-Granite. Numerous routes. Alpine style crack, face traverse climbs. Maximum approximate height: 10M. Maximum length: ~35M

Highway 39 from Asan toward Inju Myeon. Notice the large bulletin board to left; but must loop back and to cross other side of road. Follow signs. No more than a hundred meters from Buddhist Temple.

Safety Concerns
Chossy rock common for unclimbed area.

Additional Comments
Plenty of trees and makes for a nice picnic spot. No stores nearby.

Comment added by EODxBadaboom on August 12th, 2012
Does anyone have better directions? Couldn't find it. Drove all up and down Hwy 39.

Comment added by climb.or.marc on March 13th, 2018
This is a bogus post.

Comment added by climb.or.marc on March 16th, 2018
For the record, the place exists. The temple that it's nearest is called Suamsa Temple. You can park in front of the temple or off to the side near the bathrooms. Best to approach the area by walking underneath the powerlines and turning left at the saddle following the obvious trail into the woods.

The wall is on top of a ridge that runs N/S so the wall faces E/W. It's surrounded by evergreen trees and not easily seen from Hwy 39.

The picture is accurate and the highest part of the crag. Plenty of traversing boulder problems to do. You could also trad climb here though the routes are short and there are a lot of ledges.

There is plenty of activity in the area (lots of trash and a few items placed on ledges). The rock seems to be very good quality.

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