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Byeongpum Ahm - 병품암 Submitted on February 6th, 2006 by CHOI BAWI Print
Type: Ice Climbs Province: Chungcheongnam-Do City: Daejeon
Park: Gyeryongsan Park Rating: 3 - 3 Views: 13927
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Natural ice fall approximately 45M with an anchor at the top and several trees to also build anchors from. This ice fall is not climbed too often due to the scrambly approach and lack of variety in climbing. There is a little bit of potential dry-tooling to the right of the main fall.

From Daejeon, take bus 103 to Gyeryong San. The bus will turn left off of highway 32, roughly half a mile the road forks. Get off here and follow the left fork down for about another half mile at which point there will be a large shoulder at the right side of the road. If you cross the street, and look across, you will see the ice-fall easily. From the shoulder, search for an obsure trailhead and follow this trail up and to the left. Stay left up this trail until you find yourself in a small valley and follow the creek straight up.

Safety Concerns
The ice on the lower five meters is usually thinner than a medium sized ice screw. There is no easy approach up and around to set up a top-rope; however, there is a bolted route to the right and thin traverse near the top and over to the ice fall.

The ice fall is exposed to the sun most of the day, but with experience and good judgement, this climb can be a lot of fun.

Gear to Bring
Screws, slings and the sort. If you plan to climb up on the right side and set up a top-rope for the ice-fall, bring your basic trad rack.

Additional Comments
This fall gets little if no action from the locals. Go for it.

This is also a climbing crag with about three or four routes, 5.8-5.11

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