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Bull Submitted on December 8th, 2005 by skinsk Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Daegu
Views: 19432 Photos: 20 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 4 Image(s) - Add Images

Billed as an endurance wall, this has to be the wildest climbing wall I've ever seen!! It's a haul, but it is accessible via public transport. It's 17 meters high at the top of the head-- but routes are 22 meters, 23 including the 2 meters of horn with holds! (an overhang of 17 meters at the steepest). . . the base is only 4 meters deep, but it does seem solid!

One caveat-- the first 3 meters are hold free-- you must make a reservation to use the wall.

To reserve, call Pak Jae-ooh (박재우) at 011-207-0957(Korean) a day in advance. YOu'll be met in the AM and given the key and holds. It's possible, but tricky to climb inside of the bull to hang ropes. . . helpful to retrive draws.

I've also posted a photo of the sign by the wall (in Korean) with the "Wall Rules".

In Cheongdo-gun, Unmun-myeon, right off road 20 on the way to Unmunsa (temple). Busses go to Unmunsa from Cheongdo and take about an hour W3700 (you can get a train to Cheongdo-- the bus is 2 minutes from the train station) and from Daegu Nambu Innercity Terminal (near Machon Station), taking about 1:20, W5800. The bus stops right by the wall. I've posted the bus schedules under "navigational photos".

Driving from Daegu (Gyeongsan), south on 919 or 69 to 20. . . follow the signs to Unmunsa. Hwy 25 or the new Expwy 55 to 20, would also work. Hwy 20 W from Cheongdo or E from Gyeongju will get you there. It's a 2 lane windy road, with plenty of tractors/mopeds and other obstacles, but pleasant scenery. The KNTO link contains more driving directions.

Additional Comments
Fee-camping (in season), bathrooms and washing areas-- but they were locked and there was no running water. There's a stream that runs nearby that looks refreshing on a hot day. Plenty of parking; not much shade.

Plenty of min-baks and restaurants serving all my favorites: sanchae bibimbap, dotorimook, pacheon, dongdongju! Guess if you come all this way, might as well make a day/night of it!

KNTO information here.

NOTE: To anyone who hasn't followed this post from the beginning. . . the first photo of the bull was a "virtual rendering" on the wall-manfacturer's website. I've updated the post as the wall was built and more information came to light, but I can't bring myself to remove the "virtual" photo that first brought this monster to my attention!

Comment added by MisterP on November 22nd, 2010
Highway 20 E ----> from Cheongdo or <----W from Gyeongju!!!!

otherwise you have two rays which would look like this

<---West--cheongdo Gyeongju--East--->

and would intersect somewhere around the globe before you ever reached the bull.

Comment added by joshwyatt000 on September 28th, 2011
Went to the bull last weekend and thought i'd put an update on here because some of the information on how to get here is slightly difficult to follow.
The bull is not on the 20 but just off the 69. It is on the road towards Unmunsa (운문사) and is located in a campground. See the photos for a screenshot of some maps.
Alternatively if you type (운문사 야영장) into naver maps or google maps, it should point you directly there.
We took a taxi between 4 of us from Daegu and it ended up costing 30,000 each for both ways and the driver waiting for us. It took just over an hour.

As for the climbing, it is well worth it. Not the best place for absolute beginners (all the routes are overhanging and the two easiest are 5.9ish) but great all the same. The route up the right hand horn is fantastic and not too tricky. Well worth the drive.

Comment added by Keyvan on October 8th, 2017
I visited the wall a few days ago. It is well experienced for overhanging though the wall was not very clean. Only three routes quickdrawed and you better bring yours (At least 12). It is a great place for camping and enjoying the nature.
청도 소머리야영장 put this one in your navigation and it takes you there directly.

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