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Cheonan Dosol Park Climbing Wall
Submitted on July 18th, 2020 by skinsk Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Chungcheongnam-Do    City: Cheonan   
 photo Fairly new (2017) wall in central Cheonan. Near the bus terminal and the 전호지 (reservoir). Route range from 90 degree beginner to severe overhangs.

To reserve the wall, or for more info, contact the park at +41 529-5028

https://www.cfmc.or.kr/_dosol/main.asp?no=24... [Read More]

Chilgok-gun Artificial Climbing Wall
Submitted on September 2nd, 2008 by skinsk Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do    City: Waegwan   
 photo 9.3 meters wide X 3.3 meters deep X 16 meters high. . . but given all the overhangs, corners, bulges, etc, there's enough here to keep anyone falling off. The routes are almost infinite, though they're not really marked, but as all the locals come out, they keep it interesting.... [Read More]

Chuncheon Artificial Climbing Wall
Submitted on October 10th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Chuncheon   
 photo 15m high by 12m wide, this wall was built in early 1997 and seems a bit dated. It's easy enough to find, steep enough for a good workout (holds are a little old and slick) and close to amenities. Floodlights on top at night do little to illuminate the wall (though they make it easy to find). Might be possible to climb up the ladder/scaffolding on back and throw a toprope.

It's a municipal wall, run by Chuncheon Climbers, the local club.... [Read More]

Daegu Sports Park Rock Climbing Wall
Submitted on April 8th, 2008 by skinsk Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do    City: Daegu   
 photo Set way back on the hill behind World Cup Stadium, this behemoth wall has routes for every ability, and is totally enclosed so it's good to go in the monsoons!

15 meters high, but with a 155 degree overhang, the steepest routes are considerably longer!

It's open 9-5 Dec-Feb (except in inclement weather), 9-6 the rest of the year. Community climbing classes are held Tues-Wed-Fri in 3 sessions: 10:30-12, 1:30-3, 7:30-9PM. Call Kim Yeong-hui at 794-7578 or 010-2440-7578 (W30,000)

The wall costs W2,000/2 hours (W1,400 for groups of 30 or m... [Read More]

Daejeon Climbing Wall/ 대전 클라이밍 월
Submitted on September 1st, 2008 by shanja Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Chungcheongnam-Do    City: Daejeon   
 photo This is the newest in climbing walls, having just been opened with a seriess of invite only comps on August 30th 2008; public usage from September 1st 2008. It's big. 18 metres high, with a giant all weather roofed cavern in the centre buttressed by jutting overhanging aretes on either side. The outer (left and right side) walls are vertical generally, though with bulges here and there. It's a tad intimidating in size and appearance, but really well designed and open to public use (free of charge) from dawn till dusk. Floodlights will be adde... [Read More]

Daewha Climbing Wall
Submitted on November 8th, 2013 by slugowen Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Ilsan   
 photo It seems like a really good sized climbing wall. The whole complex includes a climbing wall, speed climbing wall, and bouldering wall.

This is the korean website that has the wall listed

On the google map, it is the green triangle above the sports staduim... [Read More]

Danggogae Station
Submitted on July 31st, 2005 by curious_j Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Seoul   
 photo Outdoor artificial climbing wall (15 meters?). Ratings unknown, just guessing 5.8-5.11.

Small bouldering wall next to the main wall. Very similar to the Eungbong wall, but the holds are worn a little smoother.... [Read More]

Danyang Artificial Climbing Wall
Submitted on April 10th, 2007 by climbhigher14k Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Chungcheongbuk-Do    City: Danyang   
 photo This is a fairly tall wall (14 meters) with two large overhangs. The larger of the two is over hung by about 10 meters!... [Read More]

Dongnae climbing wall
Submitted on June 20th, 2006 by riddle Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeongsangnam-Do    City: Busan   
 photo This wall is pretty big. 15m high, 19m wide, with quite an overhang on the more advanced routes. As of now (summer 2006) there are 15 routes, ranging from 5.8 to 5.13.... [Read More]

Eungbong Station
Submitted on June 13th, 2005 by kirbyf16 Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gyeonggi-Do    City: Seoul   
 photo Artificial wall - unknown ratings. 5 minutes walk from Eungbong Station on the Korea National Railroad.... [Read More]

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